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  • 8 pound Peacock Bass caught by Clint Winger

    Here's a nice 8 pound Peacock Bass caught on the Amazon River in Brazil by pro-staffer Clint Winger. This fish was caught on a Persuader Double Buzzer buzz bait.

    Welcome to Persuader American Angling...home of Persuader Bass Baits, featuring high quality spinner baits, buzz baits, weedless spoons, poppers, soft plastics, bird baits, swim bait heads and jig baits. Please browse our website to view our large selection of outstanding bass lures and accessories.

    Baby Ducks are temporarily out of stock. They will not be available until approximately August 15, 2016.

    For more information on any of our products, please contact us at the above listed number, address or email address.

    Established 1989

    New for 2016

    Persuader 'Three Blade'
    Buzz Bait with curly tail grub.

    The Persuader Rattlin Blade Spinner Bait

    This maximum action buzz bait comes complete with a soft plastic grub for attaching to the 5/0 hook, for creating a larger image in the water. Great for bass, striper, musky and pike. click here

    Renza Badilla Largemouth Bass on Persuader Bait

    These two nice largemouth bass were caught by Renza Badilla in the California Delta on Persuader Spinner Baits. The largest one weighed 6.09 pounds.